Power Integrations Launches Charger/Adapter Reference Designs Using New LinkSwitch

SAN JOSE, Calif. (PRWEB) June 19, 2008

Traditionally, switched-mode power supplies use a secondary circuit to sense the output voltage and feed error signals back to the primary-side controller. LinkSwitch-II uses a transformer winding to sense the output voltage, eliminating the need for the secondary circuit. This not only reduces component count by as much as 30 percent, but also improves energy efficiency since secondary-side components consume power. LinkSwitch-II devices further enhance the accuracy of the output voltage and current by compensating for transformer tolerance, input line voltage variations, ambient temperature, and voltage drop in the charger output cable.


Power Integrations has produced a reference design kit, an instructional video and three reference design reports (RDR 157, 158 and 159) to help designers of adapters and chargers benefit from LinkSwitch-II’s simplicity and elegant design. A new reference design kit (RDK-160) includes all three complete designs and is intended for use by anyone trying to build a CV/CC adapter under 5.5W.


The first design (RD-157) complies with the China Charger standard for CV/CC cellphone chargers, which has been mandated by the Chinese government. The new design is accurate, highly efficient, features low no-load power consumption and requires the fewest components of any charger available today.


The second design (RD-158) is a high-power cellphone charger for high-end cellphones, PDAs and other portable, personal devices that need significant power

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