Process vinyl and tape/cassette recordings before transfer to CD

(PRWEB) July 31, 2002

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Wave Corrector – Transfer Vinyl Records and Cassette Tapes to CD

Ganymede Test & Measurement announces a new release of Wave Corrector. This popular software package processes analogue recordings from vinyl or tape/cassette sources for transfer to CD recordable media. The program integrates wave editing and noise reduction functions and runs on the Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP platforms.

The new release incorporates many additions to enhance the usability of the program. Improved track editing features have been implemented together with new search facilities and display options.

Wave Corrector incorporates an advanced music restoration function which is designed to remove clicks and background noise while maintaining the musicality of the original sound. Damaged recordings are rejuvenated using a novel combination of analytic and heuristic procedures. By this approach, the program avoids many of the unpleasant processing artefacts common with competing systems.

A graphical overlay is provided that allows the user to compare the waveform before and after restoration. Interactive features provide the ability to audition and modify corrections if necessary. Wave Corrector also automatically finds track changes and assembles separate wave files representing each track of an album. Tracks can be easily split or merged and track boundaries can be customised to suit the user’s requirements.

Further Information:

Visit the Wave Corrector website – – for a full description of the program and to download a trial version. A screenshot is available at

Single user licences cost US$ 45 and include unlimited upgrades.

About the Company:

Based in the beautiful Buckinghamshire village of Coleshill near London, Ganymede Test & Measurement provides consultancy services as well as producing software for PC systems and for micro-controller based OEM equipment. The company started trading in 1994.

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