Reverse Engineering Breathes New Life Into Old Equipment

Baltimore, MD (PRWEB) June 28, 2007

For more than 18 years, Armistead Technologies has reverse engineered printed circuit boards (PCBs) for clients in the electronics industry. Recently however, an increasing number of small to mid-size manufacturers are discovering the value of reverse engineering as a business resource.

Company founder and owner John Armistead recalled a recent project for a client who was, of all things, a commercial printer.

“The controller boards in his machines had been repaired and repaired, and they were just worn out,” Armistead says. “But everything else was fine.”

“This guy didn’t care what went into the board,” Armistead continues. “He just wanted his machines back up and running reliably. And he knew he needed to start by having someone reverse engineer the circuit board.”

That’s a typical path for many small manufacturers, who come from diverse industries. A critical piece of equipment breaks down. The cost of replacing it seems needlessly high given that its mechanical components are basically sound. But, the electronic components – the printed circuit boards – are no longer repairable or available as replacement parts.

That’s when savvy managers call in reverse engineering experts like Armistead Technologies.

The commercial printer also needed a handful of replacement circuit boards to install in his existing machinery. So, in addition to reverse engineering the circuit board, Armistead Technologies custom-manufactured ten PC boards – which was all the printer needed to put his equipment back on line for many more years of profitable service.

Armistead Technologies integrates manufacturing and assembly capabilities in its menu of services, making it a one-stop shop for its customers.

“We take the broken-down old circuit board, reverse engineer it, update it with new components, and deliver a brand-new board that plugs right into the old system,” Armistead says. “Not only is the system up and running again, but it also can be repaired easily because everything on the board is current.”

Furthermore, functions can actually be added during the re-engineering process, extending the life of the system even more and creating additional efficiencies.

Armistead points out that the cost of reverse engineering and manufacturing five or ten circuit boards is a fractional percentage of the cost of replacing the equipment. In most cases, the cost savings are dramatic.

“When a system isn’t working any more, a lot of people think their only option is to replace the system. But they can get someone like me to replace just the board, and keep the system in operation.”

Listen in:

John Armistead recently spoke with Ken Rayment of the Better Business Podcast about how reverse engineering can help small and mid-sized manufacturers extend the working life of their equipment, conserve their capital, and increase the efficiency of their processes.

About Armistead Technologies, LLC

Armistead Technologies is an engineering firm based near Baltimore, Maryland. It was founded in 1989 by John Armistead, a graduate electrical engineer from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Armistead Technologies specializes in reverse engineering printed circuit boards, and re-engineering older PCB designs to be compliant with updated standards and compatibilities.

For more information about getting re-engineered replacement circuit boards, visit or call John Armistead at (410) 627-2408.


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