The savings business VoIP can bring

Most businesses tend to look at cost savings in hard cash terms. This is only natural, so when a hosted Business VoIP reseller tells you they can reduce your telephone bills by perhaps an estimated 80%, you are going to listen.  Of course, they might be exaggerating a little, but they couldn’t make such a claim if there was not demonstrable proof that dramatic reductions can be achieved. And they undoubtedly can with hosted VoIP.
Another solid cost saving will come from not having a maintenance contract to cover the PBX system. You don’t need a central piece of hardware to run hosted VoIP.
But there are also other ways you can save money with hosted VoIP. It will help you to directly or indirectly reduce the cost of mobile calls and prevent staff working at home from having to use their home phones to make calls. As well as allowing you to trim costs and expenses, this benefits home workers and means that they are always available on the same number. It also has the added benefit of giving you visibility of the calls they make and receive, and the duration of calls.
When you need to set up new users, it costs very little and can be done in hours. Adding a group of new extensions on old PBX systems could be quite painful and time-consuming; VoIP users just need Internet access, and then adding them is easy. This is great if you need to set up project teams on remote sites – if you are in construction or engineering for example.
The same goes for reducing the number of users. You can just take them off the hosted VoIP service and reduce your costs immediately.
Another great advantage of hosted Business VoIP is that you can follow users wherever they go and easily transfer calls to other team members in their absence. It takes the guesswork out of getting hold of people. Most services have a ‘follow me’ feature that will ring multiple phones – the desktop handset and a mobile or other extension at the same time, so calls get answered faster and you don’t waste so much time picking up messages and playing ‘telephone tag’.
Also, everything can be integrated with hosted VoIP. Call forwarding and grouping, auto attendant, messaging, email etc. is all visible via a management console. You can see exactly what calls go out and come in and you know how much it is costing.
All these efficiency and productivity gains soon add up and that combined with hard cost savings on line rental and call costs, means hosted Business VoIP can indeed deliver significant reductions in business costs.

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