SchmartBoard Signs Two International Distribution Partners

Fremont, CA (PRWEB) March 28, 2007

SchmartBoard, the developer of a new technology that has significantly simplified the creation of electronic circuits for hobbyists, education and industry, has announced that it has signed Budapest, Hungary-based ChipCAD Distribution and Monterrey, Mexico-based Adoxis to distribute the SchmartBoard|ez line of products.

Most people who design electronic circuits have difficulty, or are unable to, hand-solder surface mount components. SchmartBoard|ez was developed as a solution for this problem. What once could only be done by technicians with many hours of experience and training, can now be done by anyone. A ten- year-old who has never held a soldering iron, can now hand solder a .4mm IC or a BGA (Ball Grid Array) effortlessly and flawlessly.

“ChipCAD and Adoxis will give SchmartBoard to two very important underserved markets,” says Neal Greenberg, SchmartBoard’s Vice President Sales and Marketing. “We have been searching for the right distribution partners for these markets. We look for distributors who can support engineers and education as well as hobbyists.”

“The SchmartBoard product line will let us better serve our clients by allowing us and them to deliver working prototypes faster and cheaper,” says Rodolfo Ruiz, Adoxis’ CEO. “Expanding our portfolio with SchmartBoard products will help our wide customer base in the early phases of development right away, because many new semiconductors are available only in SMD package,” and Mate Kullos of ChipCAD.

About SchmartBoard (

SchmartBoardTM is committed to helping engineers, students and hobbyists develop electronic circuits faster, easier, and less expensively than previously possible. SchmartBoard’s patent pending Electronic Circuit Building Blocks and “EZ” technologies makes this possible.

About Adoxis (

Adoxis is a privately held, Monterrey/Mexico based company focused to create simple to use, inexpensive to create, easy to deploy technology based solutions aimed to a variety of clients and vertical markets. We work everyday to create a better bridge between the software and hardware worlds.

About ChipCAD Distribution(

ChipCAD Electronics Distributor Ltd. celebrates 10th anniversary of foundation in this year. ChipCAD located in Budapest, Hungary and focused the active component and development tool market.


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