Security for Java And Android Platforms in New Edition of SecureBlackbox

London, UK (PRWEB) May 23, 2012

EldoS Corporation announced new major software release of its SecureBlackbox product that opens new exciting possibilities to Java and Android software developers. With Java edition of SecureBlackbox library software developers can add sophisticated digital security, encryption and signing functions to their Java applications running on a variety of desktop and mobile platforms including Windows, MacOS, Linux and Android.

SecureBlackbox has been used by thousands of software developers on Windows and .NET platforms for many years, and now the same brilliant set of advanced security functions is offered to another major community Java developers.

From native implementations of SSL/TLS protocol family to SSH-driven remote access and SFTP file transfers, from OpenPGP encryption and signing to digital document security SecureBlackbox library covers numerous functions either not available in other products at all, or available sparsely and with major gaps in functionality. And you get all functions in one supported easy-to-use product, with extensive documentation, sample code and free support.

Java platform has reached a certain level of maturity on corporate market, owing to efforts of megacorps – such as Oracle and IBM, – on one hand, and those of a legion of smaller software developers on the other. This strengthening prospectively led to increase of demand for reliable solutions allowing to integrate secure transfer, data encryption and digital signing capabilities to software products targeting Java environments. Responding to the market call, EldoS Corporation is now proud to offer its time-tested battle-hardened solutions for this platform – said Ken Ivanoff, President of EldoS Corp.

To evaluate these and others features of the latest version of SecureBlackbox or get more details about the product, please visit SecureBlackbox homepage at

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