Seven New Alternative Energy Stocks Added, 21 Stocks Deleted from Ardour Global Alternative Energy Index℠ in Quarterly Rebalancing –Two New Stocks in Ardour Global Index℠ (Extra Liquid)

New York (PRWEB) December 9, 2008

The Ardour Global Alternative Energy Index℠ (TICKER: GIGL) will add 7 new components, effective 9:00 AM (EST) Monday, December 22, 2008. 21 stocks will be deleted from the index, changing the number of index components to 109. The changes result from the index’s quarterly rebalancing.


Additions to AGIGL are: 5N Plus (TICKER: VNP CN); Badger Meter Inc. (TICKER: BMI US); Energy Recovery Inc. (ERII US); Consolidated Water (TICKER: CWCO US); Covanta (TICKER: CVA US); Iberdrola Renovables (TICKER: IBR ℠); Manz Automation AG (TICKER: M5Z GR).


Deletions from AGIGL are: Arise Technologies Corp (TICKER: APV CN); Aventine Renewable Energy Holding (TICKER: AVR US); Bioteq Environmental Tech Inc (TICKER: BQE CN); C&D Technologies Inc. (TICKER: CHP US); Clean Diesel Technologies (TICKER: CDTI US); Day 4 Energy Inc (TICKER: DFE CN); DayStar Technologies Inc (TICKER: DSTI US); Evergreen Energy (TICKER: EEE US); Hydrogenics Corp. (TICKER: HYG CN); Kemet Corp. (TICKER: KEM US); Medis Technologies Ltd. (TICKER: MDTL US); Pecific Ethanol Inc. (TICKER: PEIX US); Spire Corp. (TICKER: SPIR US); Sunways AG (TICKER: SWW GR); Syntroleum Corp. (TICKER: SYNM US); US Geothermal Inc (TICKER: GHT CN); Brasil Ecodiesel (TICKER: ECOD3 BZ); Geodynamics Ltd. (TICKER: GDY AU); Powertech Industrial Co Ltd (TICKER: 3296 TT); Topco Scientific Co Ltd (TICKER: 5434 TT); Companhia Energetica de Minas Gerais (TICKER: CMIG4 BZ).


A complete list of constituents and weights will be posted on the AGI family of alternative energy indexes web site:


The Ardour Global Alternative Energy Index℠ is a capitalization-weighted, float-adjusted index of the most prominent alternative energy stocks in the world. To be included in the AGIGL index, companies must be pure-play and the stocks must pass multiple screens, including for capitalization, float, exchange listing, share price and turnover.


The Ardour Global Index℠ (Extra Liquid) (TICKER: AGIXL), which contains a fixed number of 30 stocks, had two additions against two deletions. Covanta (TICKER: CVA US) and Iberdrola Renovables (TICKER: IBR ℠) replace FuelCell Energy Inc. (TICKER: FCEL US) and Solaria Energia Y Medio Ambi (TICKER: AOR GR)


Detailed information, including constituent data, rules and price information, on the AGI family of alternative energy indexes is available at Data is also available through most vendors of financial data.


Index: Ardour Global Alternative Energy Index℠

Ticker: AGIGL

Index: Ardour Global Index℠ (Extra Liquid)

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