Show Of Light, LLC Introduces Light-Choreographed Fashion for Contemporary Music Shows

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) January 14, 2010

Show Of Light, LLC announces the launch of a new line of business providing light-animated fashion technology for contemporary music, vocal and dance shows (


Show of Light is a mixture of fashion design, microelectronics, light animation, sophisticated algorithms and garment construction. This combination allows artistic synchronization of the lights embedded in the garments with music, voices, rhythm, and movements during the performances to create a desired mood.


Show of Light’s main service is custom costume design and choreography of lights embedded into garments for a particular show. In addition to that the company also offers music rhythm and pitch recognition technology to enable the costumes to be truly interactive in any environment and react to music unpredictably but intelligently.


While self-illuminated costumes is not a unique idea in itself, Show of Light offers a significantly more sophisticated behavior of garments that can truly augment artistic feelings of choreographers and performers. By using custom software and wireless communication for microcontrollers embedded into the garments, Show of Light allows control of light patterns and effects on multiple garments during a show. The software and light technology allows the creation of complete shows with a limitless number of costumes working together to create spectacular and complex patterns.


Show of Light is a multi faceted company with the capacity to work with all parts of a show starting from design and garment construction. Working with performers, producers, and choreographers, they ensure that each show is unique.


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