Social Project Collaboration Site sprintr Launches To Simplify Employee Communications Across Enterprise Project Teams

Boston (PRWEB) May 31, 2011

Mendix, the leading agile application platform-as-a-service company, today launches sprintr, the first social collaboration space dedicated to assisting employees and project teams across the enterprise. Sprintr combines the best of social collaboration and project management tools to facilitate employee engagement and co-creation. Now in beta, project teams no longer have to cope with heavyweight, administrative project management tools.


Sprintr is simple and easy to use; signing-up takes less than 10-seconds using a corporate email address. After joining, users can create projects, send invitations to fellow stakeholders and start a conversation. Project pages are furnished with a name, description and a logo, and members can stay up-to-date, share and discuss thoughts on a project page.


Sprintr simplifies the collaboration process by breaking down traditional organizational boundaries, said Derek Roos, CEO of Mendix. In most organizations, project teams are geographically dispersed, resulting in inefficient communication, adding complexity to any project. Sprintr eliminates this problem and facilitates true business collaboration online.


Team members can also establish milestones within projects and use planning tools to manage them. As each milestone is added, completed or changed, team members are notified and kept up-to-date. Sprintr organizes thoughts and ideas so project teams dont have to.


Faster Feedback, Forever


With sprintr, teams can organize end-user feedback and incorporate it directly into their planning. This user-driven functionality enables teams to get instant feedback and course-correct quickly, resulting in better business practices and happier customers.


For software teams, a feedback widget containing a simple pop-up form can be easily embedded in any website or web-based application. This widget enables teams to get instant user feedback on any application. Stakeholders can then evaluate the feedback, via a built-in voting mechanism and either reject it, put it on hold or add it to the project backlog.


Sprintr can be accessed at,


About Mendix

Mendix improves business agility by simplifying collaboration between business and IT.

Mendixs Agile Business Platform is a complete solution for agile application lifecycle management in the cloud – it rapidly develops, deploys and manages applications that smoothly integrate with existing systems. Mendix has over 20,000-users worldwide and has been recognized by leading analyst firm Gartner as a Cool Vendor. Mendix is a global company with offices in the US, UK, the Netherlands and South Africa. For more information please visit the website,


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