Goldilocks Analogue – Prototyping 3

Following my initial design article, and the follow up design article, I’ve put quite a lot of thought into how I can make this Goldilocks Analogue device best achieve my stated goals. Pictured is the new 3rd Goldilocks Analogue Prototype. I’m now working on the 4th Goldilocks Analogue Prototype. The PCB layout has been completed, and we’re talking […]

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Rock Paper Scissors Spock Lizard Game Using Atmega1284

Rock-Paper-Scissors-Spock-Lizard Game Using Atmega1284

Introduction This project implements rock-paper-scissors game that displays on the TV screen using camera to capture human gesture and doing image processing. Rock-paper-scissors-spock-lizard game is very popular among teenagers. Our idea comes from a very popular American comedy: Big Bang! In this TV show we always see Sheldon playing this game with his friends. The

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