The All-New SmartDraw Legal Solution Helps Legal Professionals Easily Create Compelling, Professional Diagrams in Minutes

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) June 8, 2005, the leading provider of legal diagramming software, announced today the release of the SmartDraw Legal Solution. Featuring more than 50,000 symbols with templates specialized for the legal community, SmartDraw allows paralegals and lawyers to make effective diagrams for trial exhibits, settlement conferences, legal proceedings, case management, and more.


With the SmartDraw Legal Solution, drawing is easy. Users simply drag ready-made graphics from the built-in libraries and drop them onto a template. With helpful features such as automatic alignment and formatting, SmartDraw requires no artistic talent or technical expertise: even first-time users can create perfect legal diagrams in minutes.


Not only does the SmartDraw Legal Solution eliminate the costly outsourcing of graphics, it delivers greater control over legal exhibits. With SmartDraw, users can make changes on the fly, even at the last minute. In the time it takes to communicate diagramming needs to an outside graphics firm, or worse yet, learn a complicated program, users can create diagrams like these:


·Storyboards, timelines, event history charts/case chronologies


·Evidence charts


·Crime scene diagrams/accident reconstruction


·Floor plans & facilities


·Medical diagrams


·Forensic drawings


·Organizational charts/family trees


·Patent drawings (including technical schematics and diagrams)


·Flow charts


·Project charts






·And much more


The searchable templates are arranged in easy-to-find categories, and helpful Wizards walk users through common diagram tasks, each step of the way. The product includes specialized symbols recommended by practicing legal professionals, including more than 3,000 textbook-quality medical images, templates for crime and accidents, and legal and business clip art.


The SmartDraw Legal Solution works hand-in-hand with Microsoft Office, allowing users to copy and paste directly to and from PowerPoint, Word, and into the popular litigation-support software products. In addition, users can print anything from standard sizes to huge posters for courtroom presentations.


The benefits include:


·Instant productivity—users can create diagrams in minutes


·Users gain greater control over their exhibits


·Eliminates costly outsourcing of graphics


·Easily create compelling visuals for trial, settlement conferences, and more!


·Make changes on the fly


·Hundreds of templates save time—no need to start from scratch


·Insert real photos and images into drawings


·Copy and paste directly to and from Microsoft Office programs like Word and PowerPoint


·Offer better client service


·Free customer support, just in case!


For more information on creating legal diagrams with SmartDraw and to download a FREE, 30-day trial, please visit:


About is the Internet’s #1 provider of easy-to-use business graphics software and is in the top 0.1% of most visited websites on the Internet. Founded in 1994, offers three products to boost business productivity: the flagship SmartDraw program for creating business diagrams; FotoFinish for printing, editing, and designing digital photo projects; and VisualScript XML for visually developing XML. For more information, please visit



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