TouchSquid Makes its Debut at CES 2012 Show

North Vancouver, BC (PRWEB) January 06, 2012

Powered by the Freescale i.MX515 processor, the TouchSquid universal remote control/tablet computer will be just one of the remarkable devices showcased at the Freescale Semiconductor booth for this years Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas (CES 2012). A leader in the design and production of embedded hardware, Freescale has over 17 Billion of their chips in use around the world.

Now available through the Amazon store and a number of select dealers throughout the USA, Canada, Mexico, and Europe, TouchSquid Technology Inc is pleased to announce the long awaited market launch of its flagship product, the TouchSquid Universal Remote. With the dawn of such versatile consumer electronics as the TouchSquid, it wont be long before the traditional TV remote will be on the endangered species list.

As stated by company founder, Grahame Shannon, The TouchSquid solves a problem that is nearly universal: the universal remote control that isnt. Of course, in the world of computing, a piece of hardware is only as good as the software that runs on it, and this is where the TouchSquid stands out. The TouchSquid Remote Control App is the killer app that makes controlling your home entertainment system a breeze. The built in infrared blaster allows for native control of most any home theater device.

Unlike most conventional universal remote controls, the TouchSquid allows users to define an unlimited number of PROFILES with up to ten ACTIVITIES each.

PROFILES: The TouchSquid Remote allows one to store as many user-defined profiles as they would like. Each profile will allow for the control of up to 10 different devices organized into as many as 10 different activities.

ACTIVITIES: Once a profile has been defined, your TV viewing can be controlled by choosing the desired activity. Selecting an activity will power on the appropriate devices and switch inputs as needed all with a single button press. Activities may include not only Watch TV, Play Media, Play Music, and more, but also Custom, which will allow for the control of any infrared controlled device in the database, including such home automation systems as offered by LiteTouch, Lumagen, and Lutron.

In addition to the remote control app, the TouchSquid enjoys all the functions of the tablet computer. It can be used as an E-reader, it can browse the web, perform video chatting, run games, music, email and more.

TouchSquid Technology Inc. is based in North Vancouver, BC Canada with warehouses in the US and Canada. Its flagship product is the TouchSquid Remote Control Infrared tablet. Its TV remote control app is also available for use with other generic Android tablets when used with an external IR blaster such as the Global Cache Itach family of products. For more information, visit or email info(at)touchsquid(dot)com


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