Troy Apps Software Releases Native iPad Application that Enhances the B2B Sales Process

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) May 15, 2012

Troy Apps Software, a leading developer of native iPad catalog applications, today announced the release of the Mobile Sales Tool, a native iPad application that modernizes the way B2B catalogs are presented to sales personnel, dealers and distributers.


With sophisticated and innovative features, the Mobile Sales Tool addresses the needs of todays sales force with a significant advantage over print catalogs and web-based apps. Content, images and videos are embedded within the digital catalog app itself, eliminating the need for any outside resources.


Our Mobile Sales Tool takes full advantage of Apples iOS technologies, said Michael Trautt, CEO of Troy Apps Software. Unlike web-based apps, our software embeds all content into your device and does not require a browser or Internet connection to run. Your products and descriptions are available anytime, anywhere.


Companies are expected to roll out tens of thousands of iPads to sales personnel and marketing specialists in 2012. The Pharmaceutical and Medical industries were early adopters, as a few top players have reported deploying and testing anywhere from 1,000 to 4,500 iPads. The demand for iPads in the B2B sales process has created a new market for mobile application development.


The Mobile Sales Tool greatly improves the relationship between sales personnel and distributors, said Trautt. Some of our own early adopters here in San Diego County, including Epic Boats and CRM Learning, have already begun to see such improvements in their sales process.”


With a quick and efficient interface, companies are able to put their best products in front of the buyer in less time. Placing an immediate order, emailing a product page with image or video, or even taking notes directly within the application are all customizable features.


Troy Apps Software develops each catalog to company requirements providing any of following features:


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