Wago TOPJOB ® S – nowadays standard in installations?

DIN rail terminal blocks using the CAGE CLAMP®S spring clamp bring a simpler installation even without tools and up to 30% saving of space.
Since 1977, when company Wago launched screwless terminal blocks on the market, have the terminal blocks using this system earned a high popularity. During many years, the Cage Clamp® system proved its reliability even in most demanding environment like for example in chemical and gas industry.

Advantages / Features:

  1. top quality reliable system of terminal blocks
  2. up to 75% time saving at installation
  3. saving of space on a DIN rail
  4. for solid and stranded wires
  5. for 0.14-95 mm2 cross sections
  6. possibility of installation of wire leads by simple pushing-in without any tool
  7. wide possibilities of interconnecting, rich scale of accessories

In the year 2003, company Wago brought on the market an innovated version named as Cage Clamp® S, bringing up to 30% space saving and mainly enables even simpler installation of wire leads (solid wires, stranded wires, fine-stranded wires, ferruled wires). Solid wires but also ferruled stranded wires can be simply pushed-in into the terminal block without using any tools. It enables shortening of time for installation down to 50% in comparison to Cage Clamp system and down to approx. 25% in comparison to classic screw terminal blocks.
For more detail: Wago TOPJOB ® S – nowadays standard in installations?

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