ZBasic Compiler Now Targets Atmel AVR Devices

Generic ZBasic Compiler

Elba Corporation announced today the availability of a new release of its ZBasic compiler, v4.0, that supports generic AVR devices. Previous versions of the compiler were capable of generating applications only for the company’s AVR-based ZX microcontrollers. The new version, when enabled by a special ZBasic Generic Target License (available via the company’s website), can also generate applications for over 100 different Atmel AVR devices in the ATtiny, ATmega and ATxmega families.
The ZBasic language is a large subset of Microsofts Visual Basic (VB6) augmented with microcontroller-specific extensions and other productivity enhancements including an optional object-oriented programming extension. The ZBasic license includes royalty-free use the ZBasic System Library – a rich collection of over 250 subroutines and functions that can be used to quickly add functionality to an application. The ZBasic System Library routines fall into several fundamental categories including:

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