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Portal “Still Alive” on using ATMega16 microcontrollers

Yet another Portal-related instructable , but Different !
This one shows you how to :  
1)Build a very cheap device that plays an 8-bit version of Still Alive from Portal
2)On the same hardware , but with a different chip , play the “radio tune”

Step: 1 Parts List

Parts List

As mentioned in the intro , the parts required for this project are really cheap.
What do you need ?
You need to know how to program AVR microcontrollers
Here’s the parts list :
1)A 16 MHz crystal oscillator
2)A 75 Ohm (Or something around that value) resistor
3)An audio jack connector , so you can connect the device to speakers
4)A 7805 5Volt voltage regulator
5)For the 8 bit version of still alive you will need an ATMega16.For the second project , you will need an ATMega644.The parts above are common for both projects.
And the tools list :
1)An AVR programmer
…and that’s it.You really don’t need any tools , IF you have a breadboard and some wires .
But in case you don’t have a breadboard , grab a perfboard , a 40 pin DIP socket for the microcontroller , a soldering gun , and solder everything on the board,according to the schematic (Which is in the next step).

Step: 2 Build the beast

Build the beast

This is extremely easy to build , as it uses a very small amout of parts.
The schematic is common , for both projects.You will only need to change the chip.
For the 8 bit version of Still Alive , use ATMega16
For the radio tune , use ATMega644

Both chips have the same pinout , so in case you are soldering everything to a perfboard , if you want it to ,make both projects on the same board, use a 40 pin DIP socket and swap the chips when you want.
The schematic is attached to this step.

Here are the firmware files for the AVRs:
1)8-bit Still Alive , for ATMega16 :
2)The radio tune , for ATMega644 :

For more detail: Portal “Still Alive” on using ATMega16 microcontrollers

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