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(PRWEB) August 30, 2004

“The ‘Package Deal’ of videotape programs and textbook is essentially the same as the five-day class I teach on the subject of amusement machine repair,” said Fromm. “There are a few additional programs however, such as pinball PCB repair and video game conversions that are included in the Package Deal but are not covered during the live class.”


Fromm has specialized in training amusement technicians since he opened his first “Arcade School” in 1980. He has been a popular speaker at amusement industry trade shows and his technical articles have appeared in industry trade journals worldwide.


“Let’s face it, times are tough for many operators right now,” said Fromm. “It’s important to keep your gear up and running for as long as possible and at the lowest possible cost for repairs, especially monitor repairs. My hope is that by reducing the price of the program, more operators will be able to take advantage of the training and even in the near term, have the ability to repair most of their monitors in-house.”


The training program is geared for those with little or no background in electronics. The “Package Deal” consists of a textbook (Randy Fromm’s Big Blue Book of Really Great Technical Information, 3rd Edition) and 10 individual programs on 14 videotapes that cover everything from basic electronics to component-level repair on monitors and power supplies. If purchased separately, the cost would be over $ 650.00. The price has been lowered from $ 569.00 to $ 450.00. A “Super Package Deal” which includes a book of monitor schematic diagrams and a CD-ROM containing the textbook and schematic book is also available at a reduced price.


For further information, contact:


Randy Fromm’s Arcade School


1944 Falmouth Dr.


El Cajon, CA 92020-2827






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