BlueRadios Features Kionix Accelerometer in Bluetooth 4.0 Universal Wireless Sensor Development Platform

Englewood, CO (PRWEB) April 26, 2011

BlueRadios, Inc., a worldwide leader in providing wireless data modules and products, introduced today a new Bluetooth 4.0 Universal Button Sensor reference design for motion-, temperature- and light-sensing applications. Featuring an integrated Kionix KXTF9 tri-axis accelerometerwhich provides static and dynamic acceleration and activity monitoringthe BlueRadios Low-Energy Programmable Universal Button Sensor reference design also includes an ambient light sensor and a temperature sensor. This complete multi-sensor development platform supports the design of a wide range of applications, including wireless home/commercial security-detection systems and pedometers.


Our clients buy our products because they are reliable and easy to integrate, enabling them to quickly deploy cost-effective solutions, said Mark Kramer, president and founder of BlueRadios. Our new Universal Button Sensor reference design is also very power-efficient. In fact, in a module communicating once a second, it consumes just 30uA on average. That 30uA corresponds to 330 days of battery life using a CR2032 coin cell.


Performance, power and form factor are extremely important to OEMs designing wireless multi-sensor applications, commented Kenneth Salky, executive vice president, sales and marketing, Kionix. BlueRadios Programmable Universal Button Sensor fits the bill. It offers multi-sensor functionality in a small, energy-efficient package. We are delighted that BlueRadios came to us for our tri-axis accelerometer, and we believe that their customers will appreciate the motion-sensing capabilities it delivers.


The Programmable Universal Button Sensor is based on BlueRadios nBlue, BR-LE4.0-S2A a completely self-contained Bluetooth low-energy nano ampere network module that utilizes the Texas Instruments CC2540 system-on-chip, integrating an antenna, radio, microcontroller, and software stack into an 11.8×17.6×1.9mm package.


Pricing and Availability

The Low-Energy Programmable Universal Button Sensor is available for sample purchasing from BlueRadios and is priced at $ 20 per unit in 10K-unit quantities.


For More Information

BlueRadios will offer product demonstrations at the Kionix Booth, #728, at Embedded Systems Conference Silicon Valley, May 3-5, 2011, San Jose McEnery Convention Center.


About Kionix

Kionix, Inc., located in Ithaca, New York, USA, is a wholly owned subsidiary of ROHM Co., Ltd. of Japan. Kionix enjoys a global reputation for MEMS product design, process engineering and quality manufacturing. Consumer-electronics leaders worldwide utilize Kionix’s products, development tools and application support to enable motion-based gaming; user-interface functionality in mobile handsets, personal navigation and TV remote controllers; and hard-disk-drive drop protection in mobile products. For more information on Kionix, visit:


About BlueRadios, Inc.

BlueRadios is a worldwide leader in providing Bluetooth wireless data and voice communications for a range of commercial and industrial applications. The company designs and develops end-to-end hardware and software solutions, and provides a complete family of embeddable wireless products. BlueRadios modules are distributed worldwide with custom firmware preloaded at the factory prior to shipping. BlueRadios was founded in 2001 and has sold millions of Bluetooth modules.


For more information on BlueRadios, visit our website at


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