CSR Selected for Nokias First Headset with Bluetooth v2.0+EDR

(PRWEB) August 11, 2006

CSR plc today announced that Nokias smallest ever Bluetooth mono headset, the Nokia Bluetooth Headset BH-800, contains CSRs BlueCore4-ROM silicon. The Nokia Bluetooth Headset BH-800 is Nokias first Bluetooth wireless headset to feature Bluetooth v2.0 with Enhanced Data Rate (EDR). The headset also benefits from the newly ratified HFP1.5 Bluetooth profile improving overall voice quality. BlueCore4-ROM has not only helped Nokia to achieve quick time to market, but it has also helped Nokia to reduce the number of external components.

Following a stylish and minimalist design, the Nokia Bluetooth Headset BH-800 weighs only 9g and has a standby time of up to 160 hours. The headset features three main buttons positioned at the back of the device to handle calls as well as support voice recognition capabilities. This enables the user to make and receive phone calls without the need for any further interaction with the mobile device.

Nokias Bluetooth Headset BH-800 employs CSRs BlueCore4-ROM single chip radio and baseband IC. The chip can deliver data rates up to three times faster than current v1.2 Bluetooth devices and has lower power consumption. BlueCore4-ROM is backwards compatible with existing Bluetooth v1.1 and v1.2, meaning the Nokia Bluetooth Headset BH-800 can be used with a host of compatible Bluetooth devices. BlueCore4 also incorporates auto-calibration and built-in self-test (BIST) routines to simplify development, type approval and production tests.

The Nokia Bluetooth Headset BH-800 also implements the new HFP1.5 Bluetooth profile ratified by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) in 2005. The new Bluetooth profile, designed for headsets and handsfree calling, enhances overall voice quality and connection reliability. The profile allows two voice packets to be sent at the same time, which means that there is a much lower chance of a packet being dropped compared with previous HFP Bluetooth specifications. HFP1.5 also enables the effective implementation of eSCO (enhanced Synchronous Connection Orientated) channels, originally introduced with v1.2 of the Bluetooth specification.

Razvan Olosu, Vice President, Enhancements, Nokia, said, “The Nokia Bluetooth Headset BH-800 is our first Bluetooth headset to feature Bluetooth v2.0+EDR and is designed to represent our culture of mobility. In order to achieve the highest standard of connectivity, the choice of a Bluetooth collaborator was simple. CSR provided us with support and expertise in order to design a small headset with the most advanced technology and highest level of voice quality.

Mickey Nasiri, General Manager, India for CSR commented, Designers and manufacturers are constantly faced with the problem of differentiating their product offerings in a highly competitive market. Nokias choice to implement Bluetooth v2.0+EDR and BlueCore4 technology differentiates the Nokia Bluetooth Headset BH-800 from other mono headsets by using the most current technology and achieving the highest levels of voice quality. CSR will continue to lend its support and expertise in wireless technologies to help device manufacturers achieve this high level of innovation and function.

About CSR

CSR plc is the leading global provider of Bluetooth technology and has developed expertise in other single-chip wireless communication standards such as Wi-Fi (IEEE802.11). CSR offers developed hardware/software solutions for Bluetooth based around BlueCore, a fully integrated 2.4 GHz radio, baseband and microcontroller.

CSR has already launched its fifth generation BlueCore suite and is in volume manufacture of its fourth generation BlueCore devices. BlueCore4 supports the Enhanced Data Rate (EDR) standard which was ratified at the end of 2004. Outside of Bluetooth, CSR has also developed UniFi, the first single-chip 802.11a/b/g embedded solution to specifically target the mobile phone and consumer electronics markets.

BlueCore features in over 60 percent of all qualified Bluetooth enabled products and modules listed on the Bluetooth website with industry leaders including Apple, Dell, IBM, Motorola, NEC, Nokia, Panasonic, RIM, Sharp, Sony and Toshiba using BlueCore devices in their range of Bluetooth products.

In 2005, CSR made two strategic acquisitions: Clarity Technologies Inc., which gave the company ownership of the Clear Voice Capture (CVC) audio enhancement technology for wireless headsets, handsets and automotive hands free systems; and UbiNetics, which provided CSR with a valuable R&D team to accelerate its existing software development and to further the company’s handset offering.

CSR has its headquarters and offices in Cambridge, UK, and offices in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, India, France, Denmark, Sweden and both Texas and Detroit in the USA.

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