E-Series High-Performance Pan-Tilt Units

Burlingame, California (PRWEB) April 2, 2010

FLIR Motion Control Systems Inc. (formerly Directed Perception), a leading manufacturer of advanced products for the control and positioning of sensors, today announced the launch of its E-Series families of computer controlled pan/tilt units. The E-Series pan/tilt models incorporate an integrated 32-bit microcontroller providing improved motion control fidelity including higher command rates, lower jitter, built-in Ethernet interface for IP and web control, and expandable payload I/O. The E-Series models also include integrated digital encoders providing user-configurable ranges of motion and more robust operation in unpredictable environments.

The following E-Series models are available:

PTU-D48 E-Series – payloads to 15 lbs; integrated slip-ring, compact, rugged
PTU-D100 E-Series – payloads to 25 lbs; IP67, suitable for fixed and mobile applications
PTU-D300 E-Series – heavy duty payloads to 70 lbs; high-duty cycles; multiple wiring options
Raising the bar in pan/tilt performance

The E-Series models build on FLIR Motion Control Systems’ proven and powerful pan-tilt families to deliver improved performance and increased flexibility. The E-Series architecture includes:

Increased torque, speed and acceleration (depending on model/configuration)
Advanced microstep control (up to 1/8th)
Digital encoders for closed-loop control
User-programmable ranges of motion
Integrated Ethernet and Web interfaces
Expanded I/O for payload control
Increased command rate and reduced jitter
On-board stabilization (with ISM option)
On-board geo-pointing (with GPM option)
The E-Series provides several benefits to OEMs and systems integrators including:

Reduced system cost due to elimination of components (e.g., network interfaces)
Increased reliability in unpredictable environments
Simplified configuration and control using IP/Web interfaces
Delivering improved performance across wide range of applications

The durability and flexibility of FLIR MCS pan/tilt units, combined with the new E-Series performance improvements provide a superior pointing solution for a wide range of applications and environments including: tower mounted surveillance cameras, police and military ground vehicles, antenna tracking systems, border and perimeter surveillance, military force protection systems, night-vision applications, and more.

The E-Series pan/tilts incorporate a patent-pending mechanical design using a worm gear design for superior dynamics and rigidity – no belts or pulleys. Specific performance features include:

Payload capacities from
Fully controllable pan and tilt speeds ranging from below 0.006

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