Single-chip USB-C buck-boost battery charger

The ISL9238 and ISL9238A USB-C™ buck-boost battery chargers support bidirectional power delivery in ultrabooks, tablets, power banks and other mobile products. The single-chip ISL9238 and ISL9238A battery chargers replace competitive two-chip solutions to reduce customer bill of materials (BOM) costs by up to 40%. Both ICs employ Intersil’s patented R3™ modulation technology to extend battery life and deliver acoustic noise-free operation, superior light-load efficiency and ultra-fast transient response.Single-chip USB-C buck-boost battery charger

Key Features

  • Buck-boost NVDC charger for 1-, 2-, 3-, or 4-cell Li-ion batteries
  • Input voltage range 3.2V to 23.4V (no dead zone)
  • System output voltage 2.4V to 18.304V
  • Autonomous charging option (automatic end of charging)
  • System power monitor PSYS output, IMVP compliant
  • Up to 1MHz switching frequency
  • Adapter current and battery current monitor (AMON/BMON)
  • PROCHOT# open-drain output, IMVP compliant
  • Allows trickle charging of depleted battery
  • Ideal diode control in Turbo mode
  • Reverse buck, boost and buck-boost operation from battery
  • Two-level adapter current limit available
  • Battery Ship mode option
  • SMBus and auto-increment I2C compatible
  • Package 4×4 32 Ld TQFN

Schematic Single-chip USB-C buck-boost battery charger


The ISL9238 and ISL9238A are buck-boost Narrow Output Voltage DC (NVDC) chargers. The ISL9238 and ISL9238A provide the NVDC charging function, system bus regulation and protection features for tablet, ultrabook, notebook, power bank and any USB-C interface platform. Intersil’s advanced R3™ Technology is used to provide high light-load efficiency and fast transient response.
In Charging mode the ISL9238 and ISL9238A takes input power from a wide range of DC power sources (conventional AC/DC charger adapters, USB PD ports, travel adapters, etc.) and safely charges battery packs with up to 4-series cell Li-ion batteries.
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