The Bat Hat Using Atmega1284

Introduction “An ultrasonic range-finding hat with variable haptic feedback for obstacle detection.” -Project Sound Bite For our ECE 4760 final project, we designed and implemented an ultrasonic range-finding hat that uses haptic feedback to alert its wearer about obstacles in his or her path. The hat is equipped with an ultrasonic transmitter/receiver circuit, which is

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Acoustic Wayfinder Using Atmega1284

Our acoustic wayfinding device utilizes ultrasonic range finders and haptic feedback to facilitate indoor navigation for the visually impaired. The technique of acoustic wayfinding uses auditory cues, such as sounds from the natural environment or sounds created artificially, to determine an individual’s surrounding physical space for the purpose of navigation. Our device is an automated

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Acoustic Impulse Marker Using Atmega1284

Introduction “A device that tracks sound impluses with a three microphone array” We designed and build a 2-dimentional Acoustic Impulse Marker system which is capable of detecting a sharp sound anywhere in its vicinity and precisely marking its source vector with a servo based pointer. Our system has a full 360 degree range, and is

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Infrared Theremin Using Atmega1284

Introduction A modern-day twist on the classic theremin musical instrument. This project uses two IR sensors and the ATMEGA1284P microcontroller to create an inexepensive, easy-to-use theremin. The theremin is a musical instrument which is controlled by the electromagnetic field your body body produces naturally. One hand is used to control the volume of the instrument,

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